Vol 16, No 2

August (2023)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.35671/telematika.v16i2

Table of Contents


Classification of COVID-19 Cough Sounds using Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficient (MFCC) Feature Extraction and Support Vector Machine

        DOI : 10.35671/telematika.v16i2.2569
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Muhammad Meftah Mafazy, Mohammad Reza Faisal, Dwi Kartini, Fatma Indriani, Triando Hamonangan Saragih 60-68
A Comparative Study on the Combination of Classification Algorithm and Language Model Implementation for Smart Accounting System

        DOI : 10.35671/telematika.v16i2.2258
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Bagas Adi Makayasa, Agung Fatwanto 69-81
Convolutional Neural Networks for Classification of Lung Cancer Based on Histopathological Images

        DOI : 10.35671/telematika.v16i2.2356
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Sarifah Agustiani, Denny Pribadi, Agus Junaidi, Siti Khotimatul Wildah, Ali Mustopa, Yoseph Tajul Arifin 82-90
Comparison of Industrial Business Grouping Using Fuzzy C-Means and Fuzzy Possibilistic C-Means Methods

        DOI : 10.35671/telematika.v16i2.2548
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Mega Lestari, Dwi Kartini, Irwan Budiman, Mohammad Reza Faisal, Muliadi Muliadi 91-102
Modification CNN Transfer Learning for Classification MRI Brain Tumor

        DOI : 10.35671/telematika.v16i2.2272
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Retno Wardhani, Nur Nafi'iyah 103-112

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