An Optimize Weights Naïve Bayes Model for Early Detection of Diabetes

Oman Somantri, Ratih Hafsarah Maharrani, Linda Perdana Wanti


This research proposes a method to optimize the accuracy of the Naïve Bayes (NB) model by optimizing weight using a genetic algorithm (GA). The process of giving optimal weight is carried out when the data will be input into the analysis process using NB. The research stages were conducted by preprocessing the data, searching for the classic naïve Bayes model, optimizing the weight, applying the hybrid model, and as the final stage, evaluating the model. The results showed an increase in the accuracy of the proposed model, where the naïve Bayes classical model produced accuracy rate of 87.69% and increased to 88.65% after optimization using GA. The results of the study conclude that the proposed optimization model can increase the accuracy of the classification of early detection of diabetes.


optimize weights; naïve bayes; diabetes; genetic algorithm

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