Data Mining Method to Determine a Fisherman's Sailing Schedule Using Website

Dwi Ayu Mutiara, Alung Susli, Didit Suhartono, Dani Arifudin, Imam Tahyudin


Some of Cilacap people live in coastal areas as fishermen who utilize the seafood to meet the needs of life. One of the fishermen supporters in the cruise is the information of Meteorological, Climatological, and Geophysical Agency (BMKG). This information is important for safety such as wind speed and wave height. For addressing the problem, research is conducted to determine the sailing schedule of fishermen using data mining method with the website based. The proposed method is using Support Vector Machine (SVM) classification algorithm. This research uses data from BMKG Cilacap from 2015 until 2017. Test data is part of data that is 30% randomly fetched from the overall data used. From model testing, get value with performance results from datasets that generate accuracy of 88%, 87% precision and 89% recall. This solution is followed by constructing the website in order to easy to access of sailing information. Therefore, the researcher created a website of fisherman sailing scheduling system based on SVM algorithm.


Support Vector Machine; Website; Fisherman; Sailing Schedule

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